September 1, 2014

Sister Style - London Street Style

Foto 19.08-horz
Shannon and I were snapped by Street Style photographer David Nyanzi whilst wandering around London the other week. I feel like the pictures represent quite well what both of us usually wear on a day around town. 
Cailin: Skirts & Crop Tops are my uniform as you may know and I like to wear one or two eye-catching items (in this case the skirt) combined with a simple jacket, shoes and accessories - or the other way around. Comfy shoes are a definite must if you plan on walking around all day. My favourites are Supergas or Converse. 
Skirt - Zara / Top - UO / Jacket - Vanessa Bruno / Sneakers - Superga / Glasses - Miu Miu / Bag - Mulberry

Shannon: My sister tends to go for skinny jeans - often ripped - combined with boots, a simple top, a cool jacket and something like a hat or a flannel shirt to top off the look.
Jacket, Top & Bag - Zara / Jeans - Benetton x DIY / Boots - Sacha 

August 26, 2014

Save the Date | MAWI Sample Sale

Within the last couple of years, MAWI has established itself as one of the most popular accessory brands of the moment. MAWI Keivom's infamous, eye-catching glittery clutches are far more than just an it-bag that lasts one season - they have almost become a fashion classic by now and are showcased during the exhibitons at London Fashion Week.
If like me, you've always wanted to call one of the beautiful bags your own don't miss MAWI's rare sample sale taking place within the new studio on the 5th and 6th of September. Please find all further information about when and where on your invitation above. See you there! 

August 25, 2014

#ProjectIbiza - Day 3 & 4, Tuesday 5th / Wednesday 6th of August

So in order to cover the last two days of our incredible trip to Ibiza with a more general photodiary. We spent our last night in the Boutique Hostal Salinas about which I am going to tell you in a separate post in the following days. We basically spent the last two days by the pool & beach, went shopping in Eivissa and enjoyed the beautiful island to the fullest. 
Foto 25.08.14 12 22 25
Foto 25.08.14 12 21 43
Foto 25.08.14 12 17 35
Foto 25.08.14 12 21 07
Foto 25.08.14 12 20 23
Concluding, the trip was just as exciting and incredible as I had hoped for. We did spend a bit more than intended, but in general I'm pretty sure the trip was a lot cheaper than what it would have been under normal circumstances, especially considering that we booked just a few before during high-season. But if you really want the whole Ibiza experience including partying I suggest you save up a lot of money, as ticket prices for the legendary parties range from 25-100€. 

Places I can recommend:
Bakery Harinus
Playa d'en Bossa
Italian Restaurant La Nonna

August 15, 2014

Sister Style - Get The Look | Kendall & Kylie

I posted an instagram two days ago announcing a new series of posts which, again, I will be creating together with my sister. We want to recreate the look of famous and popular sister duos, re-interpret them and make them our own. And that includes everything, step by step: make-up, hair, outfits & accessories and even their poses and selfies.
For our first post we chose Kylie and Kendall Jenner - probably the most popular sisters at the moment. Everyone wants to be, or at least look like them - so we tried our best to do so.

The Look
Band Tees, ripped (black, white or light-washed) Denim, buckled black Boots, Aviators, high-waisted Shorts, wide cropped long sleeves, miniature It-Bags, filigree Jewellery, Fedoras, oversized Flannels, "No Make Up"-Look, accentuated lashes and brows & sleek, shiny hair, middle-part or loose ponytail
The Make Up: 
Skin: -apply foundation, concealer and powder for an even complexion 
-pop a bit of bronzer around the cheekbones and temples to add color and definition 
Brows: -fill in any sparse areas and create a straight shape using an angled brush and a matte eyeshadow (that matches the color of your brows) 
-set the brows with a clear brow gel 
Eyes: -apply a neutral eyeshadow over the entire lid, using a fluffy brush 
-enhance the upper lash line with a matte dark brown or grey eyeshadow 
-curl your lashes and use a lengthening and separating mascara on the top and bottom lashes 
Lips: -just moisturize with your favorite lip balm

Get The Look:

The Look: 
edgy, asymetric Dresses, ripped loose Denim, cropped Tees & Tops, chunky, black Boots, lace-up Heels, lots of black, heaps of jewellery (Cartier Love Bracelets & Rings, Earrings, layered & choker Necklaces), high-waisted shorts, black Overknee-Boots, Flannels, oversized Sports-Jerseys, matte, conturing & elabote Make Up & voluminous, scruffy hair, deep side-part or messy hair-dos
The Make Up:
Skin: -foundation, concealer and powder for a flawless complexion 
-contour the cheeks with a matte bronzer and rose colored blush 
Brows: -fill in your brows with a matte eyeshadow and go for a round arch 
-set the brows with brow gel 
Eyes: -sweep a neutral color over the lid and define the crease with medium to dark brown matte eyeshadows 
 -apply fluttery fake lashes 
Lips: -outline your lips with a matte rose lip liner ( don't be afraid to draw outside your natural lip line a tiiny bit
-fill in the entire lips with the same lip liner

Get The Look: 

August 12, 2014

#ProjectIbiza - Hacienda Na Xamena

As I've already mentioned in a previous post, on our second day in Ibiza we were invited to visit the renowned five star hotel Hacienda Na Xamena. It is in fact the oldest five star hotel on the island, having received its fifth star in 1988 only 17 year after it was opened in 1971.
 Foto 12.08.14 14 52 03
Hacienda Na Xamena is a special place in every aspect. Probably the most defining is its location. It was built into the cliffs on a height of 180m, in the heart of a nature reservation located in the north-west of the island. Contrasting the rush and parties Ibiza is known for, as soon as you enter the hotel, everything is calm, the atmosphere is relaxing and quiet and when you indulge in the spectacular view you won't see a single person, house or anything else.
 Foto 12.08.14 14 53 16
This privacy and calmness is what makes HaciendaNa Xamena so appealing to its high-class clientele. Another aspect that defines Hacienda Na Xamena's philosophy and everything within its grounds is the interaction between "heaven and earth" as we were explained by Nicolas who showed us around the hotel. Not only is the hotel literally built in the heart of nature, nature invades and defines the hotel massively. They have their own vegatable garden providing the kitchen with most of the ingredients for their innovative dishes, the pool is built to resemble a sandy beach and the silvery-grey floor of the rooms matches the colour of the sea at sunset in order to portray the feeling of infinity and a direct connection between the rooms and their view. Almost all the rooms come with a sea view and the suites even have their own little gardens with a private pool.
 Foto 12.08.14 14 52 26
 Foto 12.08.14 14 49 35
This brings me to the next point - we were lucky enough to be shown around the biggest suite, which left me speechless. The interior was incredible, but even more so was the view from the king sized bed and the bath-tub.
 Foto 12.08.14 14 52 51
 Foto 12.08.14 14 53 38
 Foto 12.08.14 14 50 03
 Foto 12.08.14 14 48 58
After the tour around the hotel which was already mind-blowing, we were lead into the spa area to receive a unique treatment: 8 pools on three levels, all of which had different temperatures and water pressure. You spend 6 minutes in each of the pools before moving onto the next one. The incredibly friendly lady working at the spa told us what to do in each pool to achieve the best effect like sitting or lying in a certain way or swimming against the stream. I would have never thought that I could feel as relaxed as I did merely by spending about 45 minutes in pools, but the result was amazing. And again, all of that surrounded by the much mentioned view and in the heart of nature.
 Foto 12.08.14 14 51 35
Foto 12.08.14 14 51 08 
Foto 12.08.14 14 50 32
Hacienda Na Xamena was definitely the most magical place I've ever visited and even spending just about four hours there relaxed me in ways I could have never imagined. If you're looking for privacy, luxury and relaxation I don't think there are a lot of places that can compare to Hacienda Na Xamena. I definitely aim to go back one day. 
Foto 12.08.14 14 54 30 

Please note that all pictures were taken by me and the text was written by me myself

August 8, 2014

#ProjectIbiza - Day 2, Monday 4th of August

The second day was definitely the most eventful, nerve-wrecking and amazing. 
After waking up in our hostel we got ready and went out to get some breakfast which we ate by the pier. Then we packed our bags and - warpend with a map in which I'd scribbled the route- made our way to the apartment where we would stay that coming night. Like I said, we decided to spend one night couch-surfing, so sleeping on a couch in a strangers apartment. Very exciting, yet very scary. In the heat, carrying our heavy suitcases and bags we followed the route until we arrived at a seemingly neverending set of stairs leading up to the address. When we finally reached the top we thought the worst part was over. But no. The address turned out to be a big building with loads of apartments - the thing was: we didn't know his apartment number, his name was nowhere to be found on the postboxes or bells and we didn't have his number because we had been comunicating on facebook and obviously we didn't have any internet signal at that point. My first thought was that we'd been tricked, but luckily, after switching on our data roaming (can't wait to see that phone bill) I could message him on facebook and seconds later he opened the gate for us. 
Relieved to find out that he was super nice and the apartment was modern and big, with the most stunning view all our doubts were gone. Furthermore it turned out that our host was actually Swiss so we could speak German with him. 
And so the second adventure of that day began. The five star hotel and spa Hacienda Na Xamena had invited me for a tour of the hotel including a treatment in their famous spa. The only problem - it was located at the other end of the island, basically in the middle of nowhere. We were advised to take a bus to San Miguel, the nearest town. So without even having a clue how we would get to the hotel from there, we took the bus and asked the driver when we arrived whether he had an idea how we could get up to the hotel. He told us to get back into the bus and that he would drive us to a corner from which it would be a 5 minute walk to Hacienda Na Xamena. 
Believing him, we got off the bus and started walking. And walking. And Walking. In the heat. There was nothing surrounding us apart from hills and trees, nothing and no one to be seen anywhere. The occasional car passed us, but at first we were to shy to ask them for directions or if we were on the right track. But after walking for about 15 minutes with no hotel or absolutely anything in sight, I waved at a passing car. I asked the family inside the car if the knew if Hacienda Na Xamena was still far away and they told us that it would probably still be about 20 minutes by foot. I immediately spotted a German accent in the mothers voice and it turned out that they were from a city right next to the one we live in. They were super friendly and offered to drive us to the hotel, where I had an appointment at 2.30, which I was one hundred percent sure I would miss. But no, we actually arrived at 2.30 on the dot thanks to the friendly German family. 
And although the trip was quite the struggle - it was more than worth it. At first we got a tour around the incredible hotel, we were shown the biggest suite and were left speechless by the incredible view. I will tell you everything about Hacienda Na Xamena in a seperate post coming in a few days, but let me tell you it was one of the most magnificent palces I've even been lucky enough to visit.
After the tour we were lead to the spa, where we experienced the most amazing treatment in an incomparable surrounding. Again, more about that soon. Our stay at Hacienda Na Xamena commenced with a drink and snacks at the bar and then we took off back to Eivissa. 
The journey back was a lot more relaxed, we took a taxi down to San Miguel which only cost us 8€ and the bus from there on. It was delayed by 25 minutes, but oh well. In town we had dinner which consisted of what was probably the best pizza I've ever had and delicious pasta in a restaurant called La Nonna. Then we took yet another bus to one of Ibiza's party hotspots San Antoni.
I was put on the guestlist for a hed kandi event at the Ocean Beach Club which was mental. Hundres of people getting drunk and dancing in the pool. We witnessed one guy loosing his wallet and one girl loosing her phone in the span of 15 minutes which says a lot about the average alcohol pensum. The profit that club makes per night must be insane as the cheapes thing on the menu is 12€ for a regualr cocktail and the most expensive... 9700€. We opted for the signature "Ocean Beach" cocktail, which was a delicious watermelon & vodka mixture. Again we were too tired to go wild - if you want to party in Ibiza I advise you to do as little as possible during the day - we left quite early and spent a comfortable night on the big couch. 
And so Day 2 was over.