January 28, 2015


I don't know about you, but I am SO ready for spring and even more so now that the spring collections are being released. A highlight for me so far is definitely Topshop's spring 2015 collection which I discovered on Marie Claire this morning. Attending the SS15 Topshop Unique show at LFW in September already gave me a glimpse of what it might look like and I'm very happy to see that they went with a similar look for the affordable main line as well. I think we can now move on from the 90s obsession (that's so 2014, duh) and celebrate the beauty of the 70s. I mean who doesn't want to look like Stevie Nicks, Debbie Harry, Patti Smith, Joan Jett, Joni Mitchell, Jane Birkin or Bianca Jagger? I certainly do.
These are some items I already have my eye on.

January 19, 2015


I find Menswear Fashion Week truly fascinating, not ONLY because of the hot male models, but because it often predicts what the upcoming Womenswear collections might look like. Sadly I had to miss out on LCM once again, because I locked myself into my flat for five days to focus on writing my dissertation. However, I couldn't resist browsing countless websites, looking at backstage images and reading about the collections.  I thought this season was especially interesting and innovative, so I came up with a selection of my favourite pictures, looks, models and collections to share with you. I know you will enjoy this.  
 christopher shannon backstage
 kit neale byg 37
kit neale byg2-tile
christopher shannon byg-tile
agi and sam byg-tile
xander zou
xander zou byg-tile
 tom ford
xander zou id
tom ford id
mcqueen id
james long byg
christopher shannon 2
burberry love mag marc schulze
1. Burberry Prorsum 2. Christopher Shannon 3. Topman Design 4 & 5. Kit Neale 6. Xander Zhou 7. Christopher Shannon 8. Richard James 9. Christopher Shannon 10. Burberry Prorsum 11. Agi & Sam 12. Christopher Shannon 13. Agi & Sam 14 & 15. Xander Zhou 16. Tom Ford 17. Xander Zhou 18. Topman Design 19. Xander Zhou 20. Topman Design 21. Tom Ford 22. Pringle of Scotland 23. Alexander McQueen 24. Matthew Miller 25. James Long 26. Christopher Shannon 27. Burberry Prorsum 28. Agi & Sam

main sources boys by girls & i-D

December 16, 2014

Getting Ready for Christmas | 1 Item - 3 Looks

In case you don't know it yet - I love Christmas. Everything is sparkly, amazing food surrounds you wherever you go, you get to see and give something back to your loved ones, everyone is joyful and one party follows another. It is a time to be comfortable and relaxed. So what could be better than having one pair of super comfortable yet stylish pants which you can wear for pretty much all your Christmas activities? This is what I want to show you today. I styled a pair of unbelievably soft, burgundy cashmere joggers from JOOP for three different occasions: Christmas morning, Christmas shopping and a Christmas party. Which one is your favourite look?

Christmas morning
Foto 16.12.14 01 52 40
Foto 16.12-tile
Foto 16.12.14 01 44 18
Foto 16.12.14 01 34 02
Foto 16.12.14 01 33 36
Foto 15.12.14 14 37 36
Foto 16.12.14 01 32 22
Joggers - c/o JOOP / top - Topshop / jewelry - c/o Jane Koenig / shoes - Miu Miu c/o Breuninger / Christmas decorations -c/o Urban Outfitters 

Christmas Party 
Foto 16.12.14 01 40 30
Foto 16.12.14 01 43 25
Foto 16.12.14 01 38 04
Foto 16.12-tile (2)
Joggers - c/o JOOP / blazer - UO / heels & fur - Zara / clutch - Mulberry

Christmas Shopping
Foto 16.12.14 01 51 49
Foto 16.12.14 01 52 18
Foto 16.12.14 01 49 32
 Foto 16.12.14 01 50 49
Foto 16.12.14 01 47 16
Foto 16.12.14 01 45 21
 Foto 16.12.14 01 48 08
Joggers - c/o JOOP / shirt & top - UO / boots - c/o Opening Ceremony / bag - c/o Lost Property of London / jacket - Vanessa Bruno athé

Thanks so much to the lovely Serah for taking these pictures! 
(And, yes - I can't even stay away from crop tops in winter...)