December 16, 2014

Getting Ready for Christmas | 1 Item - 3 Looks

In case you don't know it yet - I love Christmas. Everything is sparkly, amazing food surrounds you wherever you go, you get to see and give something back to your loved ones, everyone is joyful and one party follows another. It is a time to be comfortable and relaxed. So what could be better than having one pair of super comfortable yet stylish pants which you can wear for pretty much all your Christmas activities? This is what I want to show you today. I styled a pair of unbelievably soft, burgundy cashmere joggers from JOOP for three different occasions: Christmas morning, Christmas shopping and a Christmas party. Which one is your favourite look?

Christmas morning
Foto 16.12.14 01 52 40
Foto 16.12-tile
Foto 16.12.14 01 44 18
Foto 16.12.14 01 34 02
Foto 16.12.14 01 33 36
Foto 15.12.14 14 37 36
Foto 16.12.14 01 32 22
Joggers - c/o JOOP / top - Topshop / jewelry - c/o Jane Koenig / shoes - Miu Miu c/o Breuninger / Christmas decorations -c/o Urban Outfitters 

Christmas Party 
Foto 16.12.14 01 40 30
Foto 16.12.14 01 43 25
Foto 16.12.14 01 38 04
Foto 16.12-tile (2)
Joggers - c/o JOOP / blazer - UO / heels & fur - Zara / clutch - Mulberry

Christmas Shopping
Foto 16.12.14 01 51 49
Foto 16.12.14 01 52 18
Foto 16.12.14 01 49 32
 Foto 16.12.14 01 50 49
Foto 16.12.14 01 47 16
Foto 16.12.14 01 45 21
 Foto 16.12.14 01 48 08
Joggers - c/o JOOP / shirt & top - UO / boots - c/o Opening Ceremony / bag - c/o Lost Property of London / jacket - Vanessa Bruno athé

Thanks so much to the lovely Serah for taking these pictures! 
(And, yes - I can't even stay away from crop tops in winter...)

December 14, 2014


Foto 14.12.14 16 16 29
Two weeks ago I was invited to the Urban Outfitters SS15 Press Day to get a glimpse at the upcoming collection. I was quite (positively) surprised by a clean, stripped back and minimal look contrasting Urban’s usual grungy and bohemian style. We can expect loads of black, grey and white with hints of pink, metallic and blue here and there as well as lots of sportswear, layering and coordinates. New brands include Calvin Klein (yes!), Wood Wood for women, the Australian label The Fifth, American Retro, Fila and Reebok. Take a look for yourselves and let me know what you think!
Foto 14.12.14 16 17 01
Foto 14.12.14 16 17 19
Foto 14.12.14 16 17 37
Foto 14.12.14 16 17 55
Foto 14.12.14 16 18 10
Foto 14.12.14 16 18 27
Foto 14.12.14 16 18 43
Foto 14.12.14 16 19 25
Foto 14.12.14 16 19 42
Foto 14.12.14 16 20 00
Foto 14.12.14 16 20 17

November 7, 2014


With the colder months quickly approaching I felt like it was time to create another one of my Style Sudokus focusing on what I would love to look like in the next few months. So once again I browsed through net-a-porter and came up with 10 looks which I now can't stop dreaming about. I'll definitely try to find similar items - which suit my budget a bit better than these designer dreams *cries* - in order to be able to recreate them as much as possible. I will keep you posted! What I can tell from this is that black is definitely still my favourite colour when it comes to clothing and that I need some more co-ords, overknee - and other cool boots, and hats. What would your dream AW14/15 outfits look like?

November 5, 2014

From London with Love | Burberry


Ok I have to admit I am already really in the Christmas mood and in London you don't really have any other option since the entire city turns into a sparkly Christmas Winter Wonderland by mid-October. You should see Selfridges.. But yes, I do love it. And now Burberry comes along with the most enchanting Christmas campaign "From London with Love" sharing the incomparable London Christmas spirit with the rest of the world. The film will tells the tale of a young couple falling in love stars everyone’s favourite Romeo Beckham, was inspired by the golden age of cinematic musicals and is held entirely in the trademark Burberry colours beige, black, red and gold. If you're not feeling Christmassy yet, watch the video and I promise you will.

November 3, 2014

Rosegold in South Kensington

On Friday, I got to dress up twice. Once of course for Halloween and then Serah asked me to be her model for a uni project. I actually felt like a princess dancing around in one of the most beautiful areas in London on a very sunny day wearing a stunning flowy gown. I really love the result as well, which is why I'd like to share my favourite pictures from the shoot with you.

October 18, 2014

Spring Summer 2015 Favourite Collections | Part 1

With Fashion Month over I took some time to go through pretty much all the SS15 collections in order to pick my favourite ones. During Fashion Month it's always so hectic and so much to take in that it's really nice to look at them again in detail. So I chose 26 collections which I liked the most, for all kinds of different reasons which I will show you in two posts. So here's the first 13 in alphabetical order.

A very wearable, sporty yet sexy, collection made of elaborate materials and topped off with innovative sneaker-inspired bags. The pieces I liked the most were the amazing crop tops (obviously) and the figure hugging dresses.

The second collection designed by Wang - he did manage to impress me this season - that made my list. Whereas his own brand collection was colourful, sporty and fun, Balenciaga was sparkly, sexy and glamorous. I especially loved the 'off the shoulder' looks.

I loved everything about Balmain - the colour scheme, the thin straps, the cut out detailing, the flared trousers, the make-up, those chockers - everything.

I have to admit this wasn't my favourite Burberry Prorsum collection to date, and you know how enthusiastic I usually am. Don't get me wrong, I still think it was genius and the craftmanship was incredible as always, it's just that it wasn't my really my personal taste. I did love the elaborately draped tulle dresses though and I feel like I will come to like it more and more with time, that's why I had to include it on my list. And the beauty look with the tucked in hair is and the faded red lips was on point.

Simplicity with a twist, just what I love the most. I absolutely adored the shapes, the layering and of course the accessories.

I did not like the clothes a lot, neither was I a big fan of the protest finale, but the shoes and accessories were just too good to not appear here. THE SHOES. Yes. It already makes me sad that I won't be able to afford those. 

With this collection it was love at first sight for me and I'd pretty much wear every single look head to toe. This is what dreams are made of.

The silhouettes, that beautiful eye make up and the incredible boots and bags are what made me add this collection to the list.

Ok so these are definitely the shoes of the season for me, I am so in love with them. The chunkyness was beyond perfect for this sleek, clean and beautifully layered collection. Wearable, but far from boring - what's not to love.

Not exactly my style, but looking at the collection, I felt myself transported back to Ibiza and could practically feel the summer again and a collection that can trigger emotions like that has to be good. My favourite look was the orange bell sleeve top and short coord. 

I loved Erdem because to me the clothes looked like something the heroine in a dark, mysterious fairytale would wear. Dreamy but sexy - feminine but powerful. The perfect mixture. 

The eye make up, similar to the Dior one, was definitely my favourite part about the look, closely followed by the adorable bags. A very coherent collection with loads of great outfits.

Whenever a collection makes the models look like beautiful female warriors I am pretty much sold. Add a little bit of a medieval vibe, the sexiest boots known to mankind paired with beautifully draped girly dresses and a mixture of lace and leather and you get a perfect collection like this one. Definitely one of my top 5 this season.

Stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon. Images via - collages created by me.