June 4, 2014

basic essentials

Trends come and go - what really makes a good wardrobe are classic basics that can be worn with anything and form the perfect frame for trend items. Since they are so important, it is quite difficult to find the perfect basic items that tick all the boxes, but I am now confident that I have found a few pieces that are absolutely ideal for me.

So here are few snaps of me lounging around in these simultaneously comfy and stylish pieces.

May 16, 2014

first days of summer

Foto 15.05.14 21 01 38
Foto 15.05.14 21 04 44
I am so happy at the moment - summer is just around the corner, I am done with uni until October, I have completed my internship and have a few amazing months to look forward to. Now I just want to dance around in summer clothes, enjoy my freedom and live every moment to the fullest. That's just what I did yesterday in my beautiful new jumpsuit from Finders Keepers , which you know is one of my favourite brands, and Luna snapped pictures of me.
This also means that I have a lot of time again now, and I have loads of ideas for new blogposts, so keep your eyes and ears open ;)
Foto 15.05.14 21 00 06
Foto 15.05.14 21 02 35
Foto 15.05.14 21 06 15
 Foto 15.05.14 21 07 16
 Foto 15.05.14 21 06 43
 Foto 15.05.14 21 05 14
 Foto 15.05.14 21 07 45
jumpsuit-Finders Keepers/heels-Miu Miu

May 6, 2014

Met Gala 2014

Once again, the whos-who of the fashion and entertainment world gathered for the annual Met Gala. This year, it was held in honour of Charles James and the upcoming exhibiton looking back at his work.
Overall I feel like almost everyone was dressed beautifully this year, usually there are quite a few horrific looks, but there weren't that many outfits I didn't like this year (my queens Lupita and Kristen dissapointed me though..) Anyhow, here are some of my personal favourites.

Candy Colours
Dramatic Nude
Hourglass Silhouette
Classic Retro

April 11, 2014

first days of spring - diary

Spring has arrived in London and the usually constantly grey city is blooming and unfolding its entire beauty in pastel hues. I cannot stop taking pictures capturing the atmosphere of this city which still excites me after almost 1 1/2 years of living here. So here we have a photo diary of my favourite pictues taken in the first few weeks of spring in London and a few other little bits and bobs. 

April 9, 2014

Kriss Soonik x Lascivious AW14 Press Day

Foto 2 (2) 
Foto 4
Foto 1 (3)
Foto 2
Yesterday I was working and simultaneously attending the Kriss Soonik and Lascivious lingerie press day which was held at the amazing W Hotel.  I immediately loved Estonian designer Kriss’ collection, but even more so when she talked me through it and explained everything it is about. It’s the brands 5th anniversary this year, which is why they decided to bring out their signature bra and panties set in all the colours they have worked with throughout the years, resulting in 7 sets – one for every day of the week.  Kriss wants her label to be more than just a Lingerie label, which is why she call it Kriss Soonik Loungerie and designs a lot of her garments so that they can also be worn as every day clothing as well.
The name of the AW14 collection Get Your Rabbit Out roots from the Estonian saying “Get the rabbit out of your pants” which means as much as be yourself, be brave and do the things you want to do. This saying has influenced the collection massively – most pieces are decorated with a little fur puff reminding of the tail of a bunny.
What I loved most about the collection was its versatility – the puffs are in fact detachable and can be replaced with a little satin bow so you can wear the garments in three different variations. Furthermore, most of the loungewear pieces are reversible, so the possibilities are endless. Such a clever concept!
I have fallen madly in love with the colourful lace bras, I am really considering getting the pink one…
 Foto 1 (2)
 Foto 2 (3)-horz
 Foto 1
 Foto 3 (2)
 Foto 3
 Foto 5
 Foto 5 (2)
 Foto 4 (2)
All pictures by me, apart from those of me drinking and pouring coffee haha, those were taken by Luna, see more photos of the event here