April 11, 2014

first days of spring - diary

Spring has arrived in London and the usually constantly grey city is blooming and unfolding its entire beauty in pastel hues. I cannot stop taking pictures capturing the atmosphere of this city which still excites me after almost 1 1/2 years of living here. So here we have a photo diary of my favourite pictues taken in the first few weeks of spring in London and a few other little bits and bobs. 

April 9, 2014

Kriss Soonik x Lascivious AW14 Press Day

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Yesterday I was working and simultaneously attending the Kriss Soonik and Lascivious lingerie press day which was held at the amazing W Hotel.  I immediately loved Estonian designer Kriss’ collection, but even more so when she talked me through it and explained everything it is about. It’s the brands 5th anniversary this year, which is why they decided to bring out their signature bra and panties set in all the colours they have worked with throughout the years, resulting in 7 sets – one for every day of the week.  Kriss wants her label to be more than just a Lingerie label, which is why she call it Kriss Soonik Loungerie and designs a lot of her garments so that they can also be worn as every day clothing as well.
The name of the AW14 collection Get Your Rabbit Out roots from the Estonian saying “Get the rabbit out of your pants” which means as much as be yourself, be brave and do the things you want to do. This saying has influenced the collection massively – most pieces are decorated with a little fur puff reminding of the tail of a bunny.
What I loved most about the collection was its versatility – the puffs are in fact detachable and can be replaced with a little satin bow so you can wear the garments in three different variations. Furthermore, most of the loungewear pieces are reversible, so the possibilities are endless. Such a clever concept!
I have fallen madly in love with the colourful lace bras, I am really considering getting the pink one…
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 Foto 2 (3)-horz
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All pictures by me, apart from those of me drinking and pouring coffee haha, those were taken by Luna, see more photos of the event here

April 4, 2014

Lost Property of London

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I am so so in love with my new bag from Lost Property of London, it's so cute isn't it? And the leather is so amazing and soft The name roots in the brands concept of reusing abandoned materials and make them into beautiful bags. Appropriately, my friend Luna shot pictures of me in the traditional London streets and locations of Clerkenwell. 
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 Foto 3-horz

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jumpsuit-Missguided/trainers-Topshop/bag-Lost Property of London/crop top

March 31, 2014

Patrick Morgan "Material Girl" Review & Interview

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Last month I went to the Private View and artists talk of renowned illustrator Patrick Morgan for a feature I was writing for our magazine project in uni. I got to speak to him, look at his sketchbooks and got a close insight into his work and his personality. I really wanted to share it with you even though it is a longer article than the ones I usually publish, so let me know what you think! I feel like my passion for photography art, films and other things I'm interested in don't get enough reconition on my blog so I might start posting more articles about things that aren't just fashion, would you be interested in that?

“Material Girl“ is an expression known to everyone, probably mainly due to the fact that it is the title of one of Madonna’s most famous songs. But what exactly is a Material Girl? Patrick Morgan, a renowned fashion illustrator and graphic designer, is currently expressing his personal definition with his homonymous exhibition at the Coningsby Gallery. The exhibition is showcasing 32 of his artworks, which are all playing with ideas of glamour, luxury and high fashion and were created by him specifically for the exhibition since October 2013.
“What really hits you when you come into the room is this mass of beautiful colour” says an exhibition-goer to which Morgan replied that he reacted upon London’s bad weather, wanting to bring a bit of summer to the city by using bright colours for his works.
There are several illustrations of trademark Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent and Hermès scarves, various paintings of Tom Ford and Chanel boutiques hung up next to paintings of swimming pools and palm trees. Whilst walking around the exhibition, one is immediately transported into another world. A dream world in which glamour, sun, luxury, beauty and money are ever-present.  The exhibition explores the notion of buying into a luxury as a lifestyle and portrays the Material Girl as a woman whose main goal is to lead and affluent and rich life, rather than finding love or romance.  “I much more prefer the roughness than the glamour and even though I get work that wants glamour, I want to capture the moment and the essence of it”, Morgan states. 
 Foto 2
Whereas all of this could lead to the conclusion, that Morgan is criticising the modern phenomenon of the Material Girl in his work, this didn’t come across at all during the Private View of the exhibition. It felt as if Morgan was celebrating the Material Girl, rather than trying to convey notions of her being shallow and dull.  What was really interesting about the Private View was that most attendees were extremely fashionable, dressed in expensive furs, high heels and carrying Chanel or Hermès bags. In a way they became part of the exhibition themselves, making the event a celebration of everything Morgan’s work stands for.
For the exhibition Morgan tried to use iconic pieces created by brands, which he himself considers to be artworks in themselves and deconstruct & reconstruct them.  With the aforementioned scarf artworks he aimed to reinterpret the iconic LV, Hermes etc. scarves and abstract pieces of art and design.
Morgan’s background lies in printmaking, which he himself claims has influenced his work immensely. He tries to paint in the way a printer functions, so stroke by stroke, colour by colour, straight on “no pencil, no drawing, it was pure luck”, Morgan says about his paintings. “I try to think more about process rather than product” he adds. His personal development is the most important factor for him when it comes to his work.
Whilst creating his art, Morgan always gives himself limits and boundaries. For the Beverly Hills paintings of palm trees and shops, he separated the painting into different sections and only gave himself 4 squares to work within. Morgan also names Pantone markers as one of his biggest inspirations, he likes the thick, graphic lines and wants to reintroduce the old fashioned markers and techniques which are fading away due to digital printing and other developments in a new innovative way. 
 Foto 4
Not only does Morgan use the most iconic fashion houses in his work, he has also worked for a lot of them throughout his career. Tom Ford, Yves Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney, Chanel and Prada all rank among his clients, making him one of the most renowned fashion illustrators of today. David Bamber, the current Design Studio Director at Tom Ford says: “Whether a wisp like portrait or a dynamic figure with a shock of background colour Patrick’s drawings are always elegant and contemporary. His confident line and natural talent produce strong statements on the progression of modern fashion illustration noting the likes of René Gruau and David Downton.” 
Morgan started his career as a freelance designer after gaining a Degree in Graphics and Illustration with Commendations for Print Making at Kingston University in 1998. He currently lives and works in London and recently decided to go back to university. Morgan received a sponsorship to get an MA, but when he applied to The Royal College of Art he was not allowed to show any of his commercial work, so basically none of the work he had done since 14 years and had to start fresh.  He presented work which was quite different to his usual art and, as he claims himself, surprisingly got into RCA. The reason he initially decided to go back to university was because, being a lecturer himself, he realized how fascinated he was by his students and their hunger to learn new things and he wanted to experience this passion again.
Being a student and already having worked as an extremely successful artist has turned out to be surprisingly hard for Morgan. His tutors have a “hatred” against brands and using brands and other artists as references, which is what Patrick, who has worked with brands since about 14 years can’t understand and rebels against. “The teachers don’t know what to say, and I don’t know what to say because my work is so graphic and so different from the ones of the other students, so it’s quite scary whenever I’m like “so what’s the feedback?” they don’t know what to say, which is what I find intriguing and I just keep going”
Morgan explains that he has, quite surprisingly, experienced that people in the fashion industry embraced him more than people in fine arts and claims that fine arts is a very though business “It seems like the art world is not as welcoming as the fashion world, and I might be in trouble for saying that, but that’s my personal perception. I don’t quite get the mind-set of the fine arts world, it’s a strange industry and I don’t know how the players play“. Morgan sees himself as being “in the middle” of the fine art and the fashion industry, which might actually be one of the reasons why he is so successful with what he does.
His work with designer Tom Ford seems to be especially important to Morgan as they have worked together regularly since over 4 years. Morgan is currently planning to put together a book about his work for Tom Ford and says he has about 150 drawings he made for the label.
One of the most memorable moments throughout his time working for Tom Ford was when they were collaborating on illustrations for Justin Timberlake’s world tour featuring Tom Ford looks and David Bamber didn’t like the concept Morgan was going for but when it was presented to Ford he just sent Bamber an email saying “David you’re wrong, Pat’s right xx Tom Ford”.
 Foto 5
London’s fashion and art packs were so taken by Morgan’s paintings and ink drawings, that 'Material Girl', originally due to close after a brief run, will remain on view for a further two weeks.

March 27, 2014


Foto 2(1)
I can't believe I am typing these words but believe it or not, this was my last week of uni until September. On Monday I am starting an internship at a PR agency, which I am very much looking forward to although it will be a very stressful month. I am pretty sure I will have lots of exciting things to share with you! 
In the meantime this is a portrait my friend Nika took of me a few weeks ago whilst we were working on our magazine group project. Speaking of which, I think I will upload the magazine online so that you'll be able to look at it!
Have a nice Thursday evening ♥

March 23, 2014

HARDLYEVERWORNIT -“verified eBay for designer clothes"

You know how much I love Sienna Miller and you know how much I love Burberry, so what could be better than a website selling a Burberry coat previously owned by Sienna? Yes, this actually exists. Hardly Ever Worn It is a recently launched family business run by Sharon Wolter-Ferguson together with her daughters Natalya and Tatiana, which allows anyone to both sell and shop pre-owned, coveted - but barely used - luxury fashion items. You can either apply for VIP service whereby the process is taken care of, or upload and ship the items yourself. At the moment Sienna Miller's Burberry Cocoon coat, leopard Philip Treacy hat and loads of others are still for sale, Harry Styles previously sold one of his shirts on the site and rumor has it that Katie Melua is set to sell her wardrobe on HEWI soon. Apart from being able to buy items previously owned by celebrities unique pieces by designers such as Celine, Valentino, Balenciaga, Hermes and Chanel regularly appear on the website, they just don’t stay there for long. The company also offers private appointments, regular VIP hosted trunk shows, or events especially organised for groups of friends where clients receive individual style advice and are able to shop new items before they even go on the website. So wether you are looking for a place to sell your almost unworn designer items, or want to purchase them, HEWI is the site to go at the moment. 

collage by me - all items currently available on HEWI apart from the LV notepad and the lipstick

March 20, 2014

Midnight Flight

Browsing through my photos I just realised that I had another outfit featuring the lovely clothes Kelly Love sent me a few weeks ago which seems very appropriate to celebrate the first official day of spring! Yay ♥