September 16, 2014

#5yearsBOAFB | Giveaway 3 - Urban Outfitters x rude

If one brand had to be featured in my #5yearsofBOAFB giveaway, it is definitely Urban Outfitters which has been a big part of this blog all along. First of all since it's always been my favourite high street brand and secondly as my employer since 3 years now. Together with UO Germany, I am giving away this toiletry bag & mug set from the exclusive UO x Rude collaboration which just launched recently. By the way - there is a new store opening soon in Stuttgart so keep your eyes peeled!
For a chance to win, simply leave a comment with your name and Email address below.
The giveaway ends at midnight of the 20th of September.

#5yearsBOAFB | Giveaway 2 - Vagabond Dioon Sandals

Today I am giving away a pair of black Vagabond Dioon Sandals, which are comfortable, yet give you that little bit of extra height and go with pretty much any outfit.
Vagabond is a Swedish brand which has quickly made itself a name with its chunky, edgy and very Scandinavian footwear. They also just opened a Pop-up shop in London's famous Box Park, where they will be selling an exclusive, limited edition collection. 
So for a chance to win these cool sandals, simply leave a comment with your name and Email address below. Please note that the sandals are size 39.
The giveaway ends at midnight of the 20th of September.

September 15, 2014


Just a few hours left until one of the most exciting shows of Fashion month takes place! I can't wait to see what Bailey and his team have come up with this time!
Burberry and I invite you to watch the show live on here, so don't go anywhere and enjoy! Let me know what you thought of it afterwards! x

September 14, 2014

#5yearsBOAFB | Giveaway 1 - Levi's Revel Jeans #liveinlevis

The first prize you could win is a pair of Levi's Revel Jeans in Size 29.
Levi's is currently launching an amazing campaign - Live in Levi's - which I'd love to tell you about. Levi's is inviting its customers to share their unforgettable moments in Levi's with #liveinlevis - "One billion Jeans. One billion Stories."
The beautiful clip above shows a variety of inspiring and interesting people sharing their Levi's stories in order to kick off the campaign.
For a chance to win and to be able to experience some unforgettable moments in Levi's, simply leave a comment with your name and Email address below.
The giveaway ends at midnight of the 20th of September.

September 13, 2014

London Fashion Week SS15 | Day 1 - Diary

It's that crazy and exciting time that is London Fashion Week again and you know what that means - loads of blog posts coming your way. So to kick it off, here are some pictures I captured yesterday on Day 1.
Foto 12.09.14 22 03 34
Foto 12.09.14 22 03 05
 Foto 12.09.14 22 07 28
Foto 12.09.14 14 06 47
Foto 12.09.14 22 02 38
Foto 12.09.14 22 04 05
Foto 12.09.14 22 05 02
Foto 12.09.14 22 05 32
Foto 12.09.14 22 06 36
Foto 12.09.14 22 07 02
Foto 12.09.14 22 07 54
 Foto 12.09.14 22 08 35
Foto 12.09.14 22 08 57
Foto 12.09.14 22 26 40
I was wearing a M Missoni dress via Wish Want Wear (more about that soon), Zara heels, Miu Miu sunglasses and Mulberry bag.

#5yearsBOAFB | 5 years of Birds of a Feather Flock Together + 5 Giveaways

5 years ago, a 16-year-old Cailin sat down on her computer and created a blog to find fellow fashion lovers and to have a platform to express herself... 
I'll stop writing about myself in the third person now, but yes it is true - I created this blog 5 years ago. That's half a decade. I can't actually believe that I'm typing these words right now. 
Back then, on the 13th of September 2009, I could have never imagined how much this blog would influence my life and who I am today. Creating Birds of a Feather Flock Together was probably, no definitely, the best decision I've ever made, so thank you 16-year-old Cailin! But most of all thank YOU - my readers, no matter if you have been following my journey from the beginning, since 2 years or just since yesterday. Thanks for all your support, your nice comments and feedback, your input and everything else. 
And now it's my turn to properly thank you. In honour of 5 years of this blog, I will be hosting 5 giveaways during the next 5 days! I've teamed up with some amazing brands and secured prizes which I'm sure you will absolutely love! So stay tuned and come visit  Birds of a Feather Flock Together regularly this week for a chance to win something.
So thanks again for flocking together since 5 years (sorry, I couldn't resist writing that), love you loads ♥ Cailin x

September 1, 2014

Sister Style - London Street Style

Foto 19.08-horz
Shannon and I were snapped by Street Style photographer David Nyanzi whilst wandering around London the other week. I feel like the pictures represent quite well what both of us usually wear on a day around town. 
Cailin: Skirts & Crop Tops are my uniform as you may know and I like to wear one or two eye-catching items (in this case the skirt) combined with a simple jacket, shoes and accessories - or the other way around. Comfy shoes are a definite must if you plan on walking around all day. My favourites are Supergas or Converse. 
Skirt - Zara / Top - UO / Jacket - Vanessa Bruno / Sneakers - Superga / Glasses - Miu Miu / Bag - Mulberry

Shannon: My sister tends to go for skinny jeans - often ripped - combined with boots, a simple top, a cool jacket and something like a hat or a flannel shirt to top off the look.
Jacket, Top & Bag - Zara / Jeans - Benetton x DIY / Boots - Sacha